July 2019 Achievements Report

It gives me great joy to share all the progress Animal Equality achieved in July. In a span of just three weeks, Animal Equality released three shocking investigations into factory farms, including Animal Equality’s first-ever investigation in the United States.

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2019 Impact By Numbers


Investigations Released

658 Million

Investigations Reach

8.4 Million

Virtual Reality Project Reach

21.8 Million

Animals Impacted by Corporate Work

340+ Million

Animals Impacted by Legal Work


Volunteer Hours Logged


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Exposing Cruelty Through Investigations

Nebraska, US

Neglect at Summit Calf Ranch

For the first time in Animal Equality’s history, we released an investigation in the United States. We investigated Summit Calf Ranch in Nebraska, a facility housing about 11,000 calves and owned by Tuls Dairy, a supplier of many household dairy brands, including Bel Brands, the producer of Babybel.

The investigative footage unveiled the prolonged agony of dozens of calves, whose ages ranged from one to 150 days old. Among the cruelty witnessed, our investigator found:

  • Painful horn removal of calves using hot irons
  • Calves dying of scours and pneumonia after being left outdoors in freezing temperatures
  • Sick cows, left with dead cows, receiving no veterinary care
  • Hernia repair, castration, and other painful procedures completed without pain medication

The investigation was featured in media from around the world, including the Lincoln Journal Star, VegNews, World Animal News, El País, and SinEmbargo.

Lombardy, Italy

Shocking Cruelty Inside A Pig Farm

Animal Equality Italia, in collaboration with the country’s national media outlet, Tg2, published a new investigation exposing atrocities inside a pig farm in Northern Italy. Our investigation team, along with Tg2 journalist and host Piergiorgio Giacovazzo, discovered horrifying cruelties including:

  • Decomposing and mummified bodies of pigs, abandoned bodies of dead piglets
  • Pigs forced into too-small cages, piled on top of one another, and covered with wounds and sores
  • Pigs covered in feces and urine
  • Infestations of cockroaches, mice, and worms

Animal Equality sued the facility for its numerous animal welfare breaches, as well as health, safety, and environmental violations. The Minister of Health contacted us directly to cooperate in further investigation of the facility and mandated the police unit dedicated to public health to inspect the farm. Italian authorities are still conducting an investigation.

The investigation was covered by major news outlets Giornale di Brescia, Notizie.it, TPI, and Telecolor.


Cruel Practices on Egg Farms

Animal Equality released an investigation revealing cruel and illegal practices at egg farms across India.

Our investigators exposed the following devastating findings:

  • Hens lacking veterinary care with feet deformed from the wire floor of cages, missing their feathers and suffering from abrasions and skin irritations, probably due to the high concentration of ammonia in their litter
  • Hens crammed in a cage no bigger than two A4 sheets of paper, stepping on each other in an attempt to find space to move
  • Overcrowded cages stacked one on top of another, causing urine and feces to fall onto birds in lower cages
  • Sick hens left to die a slow, agonizing death

Legal Advocacy

Lawsuit Against Tyson Foods

Animal Equality and Richman Law Group filed a lawsuit on behalf of the nonprofits Food & Water Watch and Organic Consumers Association (OCA) against Tyson Foods for the deceptive marketing and advertising of chicken products sold under the Tyson brand name. The lawsuit alleges Tyson’s claims of “humane treatment” and “environmental stewardship” mislead consumers, since such claims falsely portray the horrific reality experienced by the birds who become Tyson’s chicken products.

This is Animal Equality’s second consumer protection suit this year.

Corporate Progress

Corporate Commitments

Animal Equality’s corporate outreach team successfully convinced seven companies to adopt animal protection policies that will reduce the suffering of more than 2.8 million chickens used for meat and eggs each year:

Blue Sushi Sake Grill

Restaurant Chain

United States


Restaurant Chain

United States

Legends Hospitality

Foodservice Group

United States

La Casa del Waffle

Restaurant Chain


Pastelería Alcázar

Bakery Chain



Supermarket Chain



Baked Goods Manufacturer


Campaigning Updates

More than 140 advocates participated in a demonstration outside of a McDonald’s restaurant in Alexandria, Virginia, in support of the McChicken Cruelty campaign. McDonald’s has thus far failed to adopt meaningful reforms, despite having the power to eliminate some of the cruelest farming practices used by its producers and to reduce the suffering of millions of birds.

Campaign actions continue to inform the public about the cruelty involved in keeping hens used for eggs in cages. Currently, Animal Equality’s corporate team is running informational campaigns to encourage the following companies to ban cages from their egg supply chains: Supermercado Zona Sul (grocery chain) and GPA (retail giant) in Brazil, as well as Pastelería Marisa (bakery) in Mexico.

In total, these Animal Equality campaigns have earned 45,573,988 media impressions from eight outlets, including Catraca Livre, Truthout.org, Salon, Yahoo Finance, Entrepreneur, and The Zebra.

Raising Awareness

Media & Events

iAnimal reached more than 1,500 people at numerous public events worldwide, including the Animal Rights National Conference, as well as outreach events in Madrid, Barcelona, and Rome. We continue to provide iAnimal videos for outside groups and activists to use, including EcoLiberation in San Antonio, Anonymous for the Voiceless in Belgium, and a student group at Utica College.

Animal Equality staff spoke at the annual Animal Rights National Conference in Alexandria, Virginia, presenting “Legislative Change through Investigations – Jalisco Without Cruelty” and “Behind the Cameras”.

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