April 2019 Achievements Report

I am so excited to share all that we’ve accomplished over the past month, including a historic win for animals in the Mexican state of Jalisco. Thank you for helping Animal Equality make these victories for farmed animals possible. Each month, you help us get closer to a world in which all animals are respected and protected. We couldn’t do it without supporters like you.

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Legal Advocacy

History Made in Jalisco, Mexico

Animal Equality’s more than twenty undercover investigations into slaughterhouses in the state of Jalisco, Mexico, resulted in its state legislature overwhelmingly approving a landmark reform criminalizing cruelty to farmed animals.

This is the first time in the history of Mexico that cruelty to farmed animals is a criminal offense–punishable by up to 4 years in prison! The new change also prohibits those found guilty from working with farmed animals for three years, and, in the case of a repeat crime, it bars abusers from working with animals forever. This reform will directly affect more than 211 million animals a year in the state of Jalisco alone.

It is a historic victory for farmed animals and one of the biggest achievements in Animal Equality’s history.

This victory was covered by top news outlets including Reporte Indigo, adn40, and El Universal.

Foie Gras Free GB

Animal Equality in the UK continued the campaign calling for a #FoieGrasFreeGB with a national day of action, hosting events in ten cities. These events targeted restaurants serving foie gras and collected signed postcards to send to the government calling for an import ban. The campaign was covered by the chef’s magazine Staff Canteen, as well as in Little Hampton Gazette and Somerset Live.

Corporate Progress

Corporate Commitments

Following dialogue with Animal Equality and a number of other animal protection organizations, the Denny’s restaurant chain announced a policy improving the lives of chickens used for meat. The policy will impact 5.5 million animals per year and will eliminate some of the worst abuses in its supply chain, including overcrowding and breeding birds that grow so fast that they can barely walk. Denny’s has over 1,700 locations in the US and is Animal Equality’s first US corporate outreach policy!

Animal Equality’s corporate outreach team successfully convinced three companies to adopt animal protection policies that will reduce the suffering of nearly 362,000 hens used for eggs each year:


Foodservice Company, Brazil

Mini Kalzone

Restaurant Chain, Brazil


Major Retailer, Spain

Campaigning Updates

The McDonald’s campaign continues with actions leading up to McDonald’s shareholder meeting on May 23. Currently, Animal Equality’s corporate team is running informational campaigns to encourage the following companies to ban cages from their egg supply chains: Pastelería Marisa (bakery) in Mexico, GPA (retail giant) in Brazil, and DIA (discount retailer) in Spain.

In total, the campaigns we’re participating in have earned a media reach of 10,538,100 from seven outlets, including The Social Post, Correio Brasiliense, Noticel, and Restaurant Dive.

Raising Awareness

Media Highlights

Animal Equality Mexico contributed articles about the Jalisco Without Cruelty initiative in Sin Embargo and infobae.

Animal Equality Germany’s Veterinarian and Animal Welfare Specialist, Dörte Röhl, was cited in the German print edition of Greenpeace Magazine on the concept of early feeding in chicken hatcheries.

Animal Equality Mexico distributed 4,500 vegan guides in Guadalajara’s light rail system, SITEUR.


We wrapped up the 13th iAnimal Outreach Tour after visiting seven Texas cities and reaching nearly 1,000 students with iAnimal, several of whom signed our Love Veg Pledge to start receiving tips and vegan recipes. The iAnimal team also distributed over 1,300 leaflets.

iAnimal reached over 1,900 people at numerous events worldwide, including Veggie World Madrid and the Rock Por la Vida concert in Mexico. Animal Equality also attended Earthx in Dallas, Texas: a three-day conference, expo and film festival where over 300 people viewed iAnimal.

Love Veg

We continued to offer the public vegan alternatives to animal products through Love Veg Mexico’s YouTube channel.

In Germany, as part of a series of Love Veg cooking videos with influencers, we presented a video with YouTuber Kostas Kind.

By The Numbers













Upcoming Highlights

A demonstration is scheduled outside of the McDonald’s shareholder meeting at the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport on May 23. RVSP to the demonstration if you are in the area and able to join!

The investigations department has completed two long-term investigations this year based on Animal Equality investigators working deep undercover inside massive factory farms. The results of these investigations will be presented shortly.

Our Matching Gift Campaign is happening throughout the month of May. During the month of May, all gifts for animals will be doubled!