March 2019 Achievements Report

Thanks to your continued support, Animal Equality was able to accomplish so much for animals this month, working with individuals and institutions alike to reduce the suffering of farmed animals worldwide.

Please know that all of your support is making a difference for animals.

Thank You,

Legal Advocacy

Update: Jalisco Without Cruelty

Animal Equality in Mexico continued the campaign Jalisco Without Cruelty, asking lawmakers to pass legislation that would make cruelty against farmed animals in Jalisco, Mexico, a crime. To engage with lawmakers, we went to Congress and engaged with deputies who supported the initiative by asking them to pose in #JaliscoSinCrueldad (Jalisco Without Cruelty) shirts. Dulce Ramírez, the Executive Director of Animal Equality in Mexico, also wrote an article in SinEmbargo about the campaign.

End the Cage Age in the UK

Animal Equality in the United Kingdom, along with several other animal protection organizations, launched a UK government petition calling for a ban on all cages for farmed animals. We have six months to gather 100,000 petition signatures in order for the campaign to be eligible for Parliamentary debate.

Food Policy

Animal Equality in India collaborated with Akshaya Patra, a nonprofit organization, to develop a list of nutrition-rich plant-based recipes to use as a replacement for eggs in public school meals. Our work was featured in The Times of India.

Corporate Progress

Corporate Commitments

Animal Equality’s corporate outreach team successfully convinced three companies to adopt animal protection policies that will reduce the suffering of 140,000 hens used for eggs each year:

Brownie do Luiz

Bakery, Brazil

Bacio di Latte

Upscale Ice Cream & Dessert Chain, Brazil


Major Retailer, Spain

Campaigning Updates

In the US, the McDonald’s campaign coalition held a demonstration at a new product launch in Georgia and is continuing campaign actions to inform consumers about the cruelty chickens experience in the McDonald’s meat supply chain. The coalition will continue with campaign actions in the 100 days leading up to McDonald’s shareholder meeting. In Spain, we took part in a projection action displaying images of cruelty on McDonald’s buildings.

Campaign actions continue to inform the public about the cruelty involved in keeping hens used for eggs in cages. Currently, Animal Equality’s corporate team is running informational campaigns about the following companies: Pastelería Marisa (bakery) and La Parroquia de Veracruz (coffee shop chain) in Mexico, GPA (retail giant) and Sodiê (cake and snack company) in Brazil, DIA (discount retailer) in Spain, and Bauli (the 8th largest consumer packaged goods company) in Italy.

In total, the campaigns we’re participating in have earned an estimated 107,267,653 media impressions from 26 outlets, including New York Daily News, TPI, Crónica Jalisco, Lado Mx, and La Vanguardia.

Public Outreach & Education


Animal Equality in Spain and VICE Spain have collaborated to present Uncaged, a section on VICE’s website focused on spreading the truth about the meat industry and exposing cruelty against animals. This partnership allows us to share our content with VICE followers, reaching a young demographic and creating greater brand awareness.

Media Highlights

Animal Equality in Spain launched its new website, which can be viewed here.

Animal Equality Italia’s Executive Director, Matteo Cupi, took part in a debate on RAI2 surrounding footage of abuse on industrial farms collected by Animal Equality investigators. The debate was attended by representatives of industry and the Ministry of Health, who unsuccessfully attempted to deny the evidence, countering with misinformation.

Animal Equality’s footage was featured in a broadcast highlighting the cruelties behind the fur industry on the popular Italian television program Report.

The sentencing of the workers from Fir Tree Farm continued to receive press coverage in The Express and The Metro, as well as ag industry press, including FarmingUK, Farmers Weekly, and FG Insights.


We continued our 10th iAnimal Outreach Tour, visiting college and university campuses throughout Texas such as the University of Houston, Texas State University, and the University of Texas at Austin. The iAnimal tour crew reached approximately 800 students with iAnimal and distributed nearly 1,300 leaflets.

iAnimal was featured at 30 events worldwide, reaching over 7,000 people, including Rice University Vegfest, South by Southwest (SXSW), Just V in Glasgow, London Vegan Life Live, VegFest Brighton, University of Guadalajara, Glasgow University LSE, King’s College London, Bath Spa, University of Sussex, and Newcastle University. We are also continuing to provide the iAnimal videos for outside groups and activists to use, including Djurens Rätt in Sweden.

Love Veg

Nearly 600 individuals signed up to take the Love Veg pledge to start reducing or eliminating their animal product consumption and will begin to receive tips and recipes to help them in this process.

Love Veg Mexico released numerous Youtube videos encouraging plant-based eating, including a video about our new recipe booklet featuring plant-based alternatives to fish.














Upcoming Achievements

We’ll be attending EarthX, the world’s largest environmental gathering, and the Texas Vegfest in April.