Thanks to your support, Animal Equality has started off 2019 by making great strides for farmed animals! We’ve spent hours with our teams, working together to formulate ambitious, inspiring, and impactful goals for the year, which will enable Animal Equality to reach new heights.

I’m excited to share our January achievement report with you, showcasing all that Animal Equality achieved early this year on behalf of farm animals.

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Corporate Progress

Animal Equality’s corporate outreach team successfully convinced the Italian restaurant chain, Autogrill, to adopt an animal protection policy after more than two years of negotiation. This policy will reduce the suffering of 9,000 hens used for eggs each year.

Our campaigns continue to inform the public about the cruelty involved in keeping hens used for eggs in cages with regard to the following companies: Pastelería Marisa (bakery) and La Parroquia de Veracruz (coffee shop chain) in Mexico, Sodiê (cake and snack company) and GPA (the largest retailer in the country) in Brazil, and DIA (discount retailer) in Spain. In total, these campaigns have earned nearly 30 million media impressions this month alone.

Legal Advocacy

Animal Equality supported the announcement of a New York City bill to ban foie gras. Thus far, the bill has received a lot of attention in the media, appearing in New York Post, The Independent, Gothamist, and Food & Wine.

Thanks to Animal Equality’s undercover investigation at Fir Tree Farm in Lincolnshire, United Kingdom, last year, three of the farm’s workers are being charged with multiple animal cruelty offenses. In November, two of the workers were convicted of these crimes and are due to be sentenced, with the third not appearing in court. This month, the third farmworker has pled guilty to abusing pigs. All are due to be sentenced next month. The announcement has gained a large amount of media coverage, including in BBC News, Metro, The Independent, Evening Standard, Yorkshire Post, Lincolnshire Reporter, Grimsby Live, and Farmers Weekly.

In India, Animal Equality called upon the government to introduce rules for the welfare of chickens and hens. We presented a list of asks to be incorporated in the rules, including an ask for a ban on cages used in egg farms, and the introduction of ovo-sexing technology to avoid the killing of male chicks.

Raising Awareness

Animal Equality Italy was featured in the two largest newspapers in Italy, La Repubblica and Il Corriere Della Sera, as the authoritative source on in-ovo sexing technology, which identifies the sex of a chicken before being hatched, when they are able to perceive pain. Animal Equality Spain was also interviewed on the topic in El País, one of the world’s most-read online news outlets.

Animal Equality received national television coverage in Spain (1, 2) focusing on the foie gras ban in California.

Animal Equality Italy received considerable media coverage following the public exposure of Amadori, the biggest broiler meat producer in Italy, for false advertisement to consumers regarding the welfare standards of broilers bred in their facilities. The coverage included articles in La Repubblica, Lifegate, and The Social Post.

Animal Equality Mexico hosted an event celebrating the release of the new book Hacia un Futuro Vegano (Towards a Vegan Future) by Tobias Leenaert. Among the attendees was the famous actor Christopher von Uckermann.


We conducted two iAnimal events in the UK at Royal Holloway College and Imperial College with 176 views in total.

We presented iAnimal to a Food Politics class at UCLA, resulting in 85 views, leaving many of the students shocked at what they saw.

We distributed headsets to Rhode Island Vegan Awareness and Uplands Peak Sanctuary in Indiana, enabling new groups to share iAnimal with individuals in their area.

Love Veg

Love Veg Mexico released two new recipe videos, which can be found on Youtube.

We have secured interviews with half a dozen celebrities in the US to share on our Love Veg page over the next year. These interviews will also be used to offer to the media as content that will drive people back to our platform.

Upcoming Highlights

Animal Equality investigators are currently in the field conducting investigations in India, Germany, the US, and Italy.

The sentencing of the Lincolnshire U.K. pig farm workers will take place on February 28th.

The 10th iAnimal Outreach Tour in the US will begin in Dallas.

Animal Equality Mexico and Brazil are scheduled to launch their new websites in the coming weeks.