I’m thrilled to share with you what Animal Equality achieved last month on behalf of farm animals. Thanks to your generous support, December was an exciting end to an incredibly impactful year. Thank you for your support and for helping us bring about even more meaningful change for animals in 2019!

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Exposing Cruelty Through Investigations

Jalisco, Mexico

Life In A Cage

Animal Equality Mexico released an investigation of egg production farms in the State of Jalisco, the largest producer of eggs nationwide. The investigation, titled La Vida en una Jaula (Life in a Cage), narrated by actor, Eugenio Derbez, uncovered cruelties that more than 200 million chickens have to endure. Our investigators exposed devastating findings, including:

  • Bodies of decaying hen carcasses inside cages and throughout the farm
  • Sick and dying hens left inside the cages
  • More than five chickens in each 24×20 inch cage
  • Forced molting, in some cases multiple times
  • A hen crushed to death by the weight of other bodies

The investigation received a media reach of over 60 million and was covered in top media outlets Proceso, Notimex, and Sin Embargo.


Cow Slaughterhouses

Animal Equality Italy released an investigation of cows in slaughterhouses, with footage from various slaughterhouses throughout the country. The material highlights the stress, fear, and mistreatment that these cows are forced to suffer every day. Our investigators exposed these horrifying cruelties:

  • Cows slaughtered while still conscious and left to agonize
  • Cows inadequately bandaged and terrified
  • Operators violently pushing and pulling cows
  • Operators hitting cows on the head with a pitchfork and a bar

The launch of this investigation is a follow up on Animal Equality Italy’s slaughterhouse campaign, which makes various requests to the Italian government, including the installation of CCTV cameras in slaughterhouses, enforcement of stunning laws without exemptions and exceptions, and to make animal abuse in slaughterhouse a criminal offense.

The footage was covered by top news outlets, including, Fanpage, La Stampa, IlSole24ore, and TPI.

Essex, United Kingdom

Christmas Cruelty

Animal Equality in the United Kingdom released shocking investigative footage of extreme suffering and cannibalism of turkeys on an award-winning farm, Grove Smith Turkeys Ltd, in Essex, UK. The farm supplies ‘English Rose’ turkeys to high-end retailers, local butcher shops and pubs. Our investigators discovered the following cruelties:

  • Birds unable to walk, being pecked and eaten alive by their flock mates
  • Failure to perform legally required checks to identify sick or injured animals
  • Multiple birds with severely infected wounds on their heads and eyes left untreated, with some birds going blind
  • Crowded sheds without adequate enrichment, causing the birds to peck each other out of boredom and frustration
  • Dozens of dead birds left to rot among the living, some reduced to just skeletons

The investigation was submitted to authorities, but no charges were filed. The investigation was featured in The Independent, London Bulletin, Plant Based News, and News 18.


Live Transportation of Lambs

In collaboration with Animal Welfare Foundation, Animal Equality Italy released horrifying footage of lambs in transport from Hungary/Romania to Italy through Slovenia. Our investigators exposed the following cruelties:

  • Lambs crammed in the trucks, without any possibility to move, pressed against the ceiling
  • Badly injured and wounded lambs with no medical care
  • Lambs forced to lie down in their own filth and on insufficient bedding
  • Lambs exposed for days to cold temperatures and bad weather
  • Month-old lambs transported in conditions not allowing for food or hydration

The policed intervened, resulting in a fine to the transportation company for €20,000. The investigation was covered by major news outlets, TPI, Telecolor, and The Social Post.

Corporate Progress

Animal Equality’s corporate outreach team successfully convinced six companies to adopt animal protection policies that will reduce the suffering of nearly 500,000 hens used for eggs each year.

St Marche

Boutique Grocer, Brazil

Padaria Benjamin

Bakery, Brazil


3rd largest industrial bakery in the country, Brazil


Restaurant, Mexico


Coffee Shop, Italy


Retailer, Spain

Campaigning Updates

Campaign actions continue to inform the public about the cruelty involved in keeping hens used for eggs in cages. Currently, Animal Equality’s corporate team is running informational campaigns about the following companies: Pastelería Marisa (bakery) and La Parroquia de Veracruz (coffee shop chain) in Mexico, GPA (the largest retailer in Brazil), and DIA (discount retailer in Spain).

Legal Advocacy

In the US, Animal Equality helped defeat the King Amendment, which threatened to prohibit states from passing new animal protection laws and would have negated state existing laws protecting animals.

Following presentations of investigative findings and a request for changes from Animal Equality in India, the Indian government is looking to increase penalties for cruelty to animals from 70 cents to $85. The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act of 1960 has not been amended since its enactment and in its current state, the act demands a minuscule fine for any act of cruelty towards animals, including beating, kicking, torturing, starving or mutilating the animal.

Animal Equality Italy released a petition against cruelty in slaughterhouses addressed to the ministers of Health and Agriculture. The slaughterhouse campaign reached 120,000 signatures in a matter of hours, receiving media coverage from top media outlets ANSA and Il Sole 24 Ore.

Public Outreach & Education

Katya Ramírez, Animal Equality Mexico’s Education Coordinator, presented Love Veg at the Zero Waste Festival.

iAnimal was featured at 27 events worldwide including King’s College London and Romford Lush in the UK, International Book Fair in Guadalajara, Mexico, and India’s largest vegan festival, Ahimsa One Earth Festival.

Animal Equality Mexico distributed 3,000 vegan guides in Guadalajara’s light rail system, SITEUR and Animal Equality Italy distributed over 1,250 leaflets in the rain.

Animal Equality Spain hosted the Animal Rights Day Protest with over 500 activists, resulting in a media reach of 50 million.

Eva Gerhards, Animal Equality Germany’s Communications Coordinator, was interviewed by YouTube influencer Tomatolix as part of a vegan challenge video. Thus far, the video has reached almost 700,000 views.

Animal Equality in India hosted a plant-based food tasting session at the famous Wassup Flea Market in Pune.

The immense cruelty of foie gras continues to stay a topic of conversation in the UK with two articles on the subject appearing in the print edition Daily Mirror, and three more restaurants removing foie gras from their menu.