The holiday season is an exciting time for all of us, as well as a time to give thanks. Animal Equality made strides for farmed animals this November, working every day on programs and campaigns dedicated to bettering the lives of farmed animals worldwide. This work is only made possible because of our incredible supporters.

We’re thrilled to spend a moment with you, sharing our latest accomplishments. Thank you!

Animal Equality Named Top Charity of the Year!

Animal Equality was named a Top Charity by Animal Charity Evaluators for the fourth time in the last five years! Animal Charity Evaluators is an independent research non-profit dedicated to finding and promoting the most effective ways to help animals and conducts annual comprehensive reviews of animal protection groups worldwide. This means that Animal Equality is considered one of the most impactful and effective charities for animals in the world. Its most recent review of Animal Equality specifically highlighted our strong international programs, collaboration with other organizations, and our ability to use our resources effectively.

Legal Advocacy

We Did It! Prop 12 Passed in California

California passed one of the strongest animal welfare measures in history: the Prevention of Cruelty to Farm Animals Act, more commonly known as Prop 12! Prop 12 will establish minimum space requirements for California calves used in the veal industry, mother pigs, and hens farmed for eggs. Not only will more space be provided for these animals, the measure will also ensure that food items sold in California are compliant with these modest standards. Furthermore, this historic measure will guarantee hens the ability to engage in natural behaviors that are prevented by cage confinement, including spreading their wings, moving around throughout the barns, perching, and dust bathing. This measure also applies to liquid eggs, which make up one-third of all egg production.

Petition Drop in Germany

Animal Equality Germany delivered more than 220,000 signatures on a petition to the German labor party prior to a discussion in the Parliamentary Committee for Food and Agriculture relating to the two year delay of a law that would prohibit the castration of piglets without anesthesia. This law was scheduled to go into effect on January 1, 2019. Unfortunately, the German parliament voted in favor of the delay.

Exposing Cruelty Through Investigations

Foie Gras Farm, France

Animal Equality in the United Kingdom released shocking footage from a Foie Gras farm in France. The footage shows ducks and geese being force-fed, suffering from broken wings, and living in barren cages.

This investigation was released in conjunction with our campaign to get Tate Modern, Britain’s national gallery of international modern art, to drop foie gras from its festive menu. The campaign, which included a protest outside of the Tate, was supported by actor Peter Egan. Within just three days of the campaign’s launch, foie gras was removed from Tate Modern’s menu. The investigation was also used to strengthen our call on the UK to ban foie gras imports nationwide.

The footage was covered by major news outlets, including, Daily Mail, The Mirror, El Pais, Huffington Post Italy, I News, and Somerset Live. The Tate Modern campaign was also featured in The Independent and Talk Radio.

Update: Fir Tree Investigation

Following Animal Equality’s undercover investigation at Fir Tree Farm in Lincolnshire, United Kingdom, an anonymous tip-off from a brave whistleblower resulted in three of the farm’s workers being charged with multiple animal cruelty offenses. Thanks to the help of Animal Equality, two of the workers were convicted of these crimes and are due to be sentenced. The third person charged did not turn up in court and the police have a warrant is out for his arrest. The convictions generated national media coverage in The Guardian, The Sun, Metro News, and The Times.

Corporate Progress

Animal Equality’s corporate outreach team convinced eight companies worldwide to adopt animal protection policies that will reduce the suffering of nearly two million hens used for eggs every year.


Mexico & Italy, World’s 2nd Largest Chocolate Producer

Pastelería Petit Plaisir

Mexico, Bakery

Forno de Minas

Brazil, Bread Company


Brazil, Foodservice Company & Baked Goods Manufacturer


Brazil, Noodle Manufacturer


Italy, Leading Discount Retailer


Italy, Supermarket


Italy, Holiday Cakes


We are continuing with our public information campaigns about the cruelty involved in keeping hens used for eggs in cages with regard to the following companies: bakery Pastelería Marisa and coffee shop La Parroquia de Veracruz in Mexico, retailer Grupo Pão de Açúcar in Brazil, retailer DIA in Spain, and coffee shop Princi in Italy.

After less than 48 hours of an Open Wing Alliance campaign, Marriott International committed to banning cages that cruelly confine hens in its egg supply chain. Animal Equality is a proud member of the Open Wing Alliance which is comprised of nearly 60 organizations across the world. While cage-free doesn’t mean cruelty-free, this is an important step that will reduce the suffering of millions of hens every year.

Public Outreach & Education

Media Highlights

Our Inspiring Global Action Gala continued to garner media coverage, including in US Weekly and The Hollywood Reporter.

Animal Equality was featured in a VOX article on Giving Tuesday titled, “Where Will Your Donations Do the Most for Animals?” reaching up to 10 million readers.


We wrapped up our 9th iAnimal Outreach Tour with visits to The University of Missouri and Missouri State University, reaching 87 students with iAnimal, many of whom took the Love Veg pledge saying they’d like to reduce or eliminate their consumption of animal products. We’re already preparing for the next iAnimal Outreach Tour, which will take place next spring and travel throughout Texas.

The iAnimal Global Campaign reached nearly 2,200 people at 64 events worldwide.

Our teams showcased iAnimal at 22 events around the world, including University of Guadalajara-CUCSH, University of Nottingham, Queen Mary University of London, University of Reading, “The Green Market” in Berlin, Peterborough Vegan Fayre, and a Tech for Good Meetup in London.

Discover Your Food

Animal Equality distributed over 30,000 “Discover Your Food” guides internationally, many of which were shared throughout Mexico City, the Guadalajara Mass transportation system. SITEUR, University of Guadalajara, and University of Veracruz.

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Upcoming Highlights

Love Veg Mexico is releasing a Christmas recipe booklet just in time for the holidays!

Animal Equality’s magazine, Their Voice, will be mailed in late December and features an exclusive interview with Moby!