Thanks to your support, Animal Equality achieved key results for farmed animals worldwide in October!

Our team of dedicated advocates works hard exposing cruelty through investigations, making corporate and legal progress for animals, educating the public on animal suffering, and sharing the benefits of plant-based eating, all with the goal of creating a world in which all animals are respected and protected.

Animal Equality’s 3rd Annual Inspiring Global Action Gala

Animal Equality held its 3rd annual Inspiring Global Action Gala to celebrate the many accomplishments we achieved for animals over the past year. Acclaimed musician, restaurant owner, and activist Moby hosted the evening alongside Evanna Lynch, one of the stars from the Harry Potter movie franchise and current contestant on Dancing with the Stars. Animal Equality honored Beyond Meat, Kat Von D, and Nic Adler for the profound difference each of them is making for farmed animals. Our program included a stunning performance by two-time Grammy and Golden Globe-nominated artist and devoted animal advocate Renee Olstead. Several well-known and compassionate celebrities including Kate and Rooney Mara, Daisy Fuentes, Richard Marx, and Violett Beane attended the event.

Animal Equality’s gala appeared in over 60 media outlets including VOGUE, VegNews, People, The Daily Mail, The Hollywood Reporter, US Weekly, and Getty Images, potentially reaching millions of readers.

Corporate Progress

New Policies

Animal Equality’s corporate team successfully worked with the Mexican coffee franchise La Flor de Cordoba and the Spanish bakery Dhul to adopt animal protection policies that will reduce the suffering of nearly 1.7 million hens used for eggs each year.

Campaigning Updates

In Spain, we completed a “Week Against DIA” as part of our campaign about the discount retailer, receiving national media coverage from our mobile billboard videos circling the company headquarters.

Campaign actions continue to inform the public about eggs sold at GPA, the largest retailer in Brazil.

Animal Equality’s U.S. corporate-outreach-specific volunteer team, the “Animal Protectors”, is more than 4,000 members strong! We also held community-building events for our volunteer teams in Italy and Spain in Barcelona, Rome, and Turin.

Members of the Corporate Outreach team also spoke on Effective Altruism at an event in Turin, and on compassion fatigue and advocate self-care at the Conference on Animal Rights in Prague.


The McDonald’s campaign in the U.S. continues with numerous impactful coalition actions including a “Week Against McDonald’s,” filled with eye-catching demonstrations and multiple protests throughout the month in Chicago and Orlando.

Animal Equality spoke at the Midwest March for Animals in Chicago to promote the McDonald’s campaign in the U.S.

Food Policy

Animal Equality India conducted a food tasting event at Infosys, the world’s second largest IT company, in order to start a dialogue about including vegan alternatives in their menu for employees.

Investigative Updates

After an anonymous tip-off from a brave whistleblower, Animal Equality conducted an undercover investigation at Fir Tree Farm in Lincolnshire, United Kingdom, this past May. In just a matter of months, three of the farm’s workers have been charged with multiple animal cruelty offenses. The workers will appear in court in November and are expected to plead guilty. The announcement of these charges received national media coverage by BBC, Metro News, and more, resulting in a total media reach of 17 million.

Previous Animal Equality investigations were featured in La Sexta, El Plural, and German TV station SAT.1

Public Outreach & Education

Media Highlights

Dulce Ramírez, Animal Equality’s Executive Director in Mexico, wrote an article about the benefits of meat reduction for SinEmbargo.

Animal Equality Germany’s Communications Manager, Dr. Katharina Weiss, interviewed Animal Equality Executive Director in India, Amruta Ubale, on the animal cruelty behind leather in India. Their interview was featured in the German magazine Vegan World, reaching almost half a million readers.

Animal Equality Executive Director in the UK, Dr. Toni Shephard, and Animal Equality Italy’s Executive Director, Matteo Cupi, participated in an animal welfare debate hosted by PubAffairs Bruxelles.

Animal Equality attended and presented at numerous events this month, including the Animal Law Conference, Raindance Film Festival, the Conference on Animal Rights in Prague, the VR Awards, and numerous YESon12 campaign events.


Our iAnimal outreach team traveled to 9 college and university campuses in Indiana, Illinois, and Missouri, where they showed iAnimal to nearly 1,000 students.

The iAnimal Global Campaign reached over 2,600 people at more than 50 events worldwide.

Our teams showcased iAnimal at numerous events across the globe, including the EA Global Conference, Raindance Film Festival, Chicago’s VeganMania, Texas Veggie Fair, Animal Equality’s Inspiring Global Action Gala, Vegetarian Festival in Guadalajara, and Bazar México.

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Upcoming Highlights

We just launched our end of year Matching Gift Campaign. From now until the end of the year, your gift for animals will be doubled!

Californians voted yes to pass the strongest animal welfare measure in US history, the Prevention of Cruelty to Farm Animals Act!

Animal Equality in Spain just launched the latest edition of the Love Veg program!