We’re excited to share our major achievements and highlights from the month of September! Every day, our team of dedicated advocates is working hard for farmed animals by exposing cruelty through investigations, making corporate and legal progress for animals, and educating the public on animal suffering and sharing the benefits of plant-based eating. Thank you for supporting our vision of a world in which all animals are respected and protected.

Exposing Cruelty Through Investigations


Egg-laying Hens in Mantova

Animal Equality Italia released shocking investigative footage of an egg factory farm in Mantova, Italy, titled A Life in a Cage. This facility supplies eggs to one of the largest egg producers in Italy, Parmovo. Our investigators exposed these horrifying cruelties:

  • Overcrowded cages, where most hens couldn’t even slightly open their wings
  • Unsuitable and non-compliant “enriched cages” created by cutting old battery cages, resulting in lots of metal spikes that harm the hens
  • Hens and eggs completely infested with red mites
  • Hens with broken legs trapped in cages
  • Corpses of mice and hens left to rot in the cages and on the floor
  • Stressed, featherless hens with overgrown nails
  • Extreme filth: every inch of the shed covered in either feces, dust or spider webs

We collaborated with TG2, one of the largest newscasts in Italy, to conduct and release the investigation. It was also covered by major news outlets Business Insider, ANSA, Il Sole 24 Ore, and Gazzetta di Mantova, as well as El Pais and Publico.

Corporate Progress

This month our corporate team convinced six companies worldwide to adopt policies banning cages confining hens used for eggs. Below is a timeline displaying the deadlines of when each group has agreed to implement these policies.


Deadline: 2018

Egg producer, Spain


Deadline: 2019

Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG), Italy

Dídio Pizza

Deadline: 2020

Pizza, Brazil

Montparnasse Pasteleria

Deadline: 2025

Bakery, Mexico

Le Pain Quotidien

Deadline: 2025

Restaurant, Mexico

Brico Bread Alimentos

Deadline: 2025

Bakery, Brazil

Campaigning Updates

Hundreds of volunteers participated in our “Week Against DIA” in Spain during the last week of September. DIA is one of the largest retailers in Spain, which we hope will soon ban the sale of eggs from caged hens.

We are continuing our campaign to inform consumers about the eggs sold at Grupo Pão de Açúcar (GPA), the largest retailer in Brazil. Right now GPA has a partial policy covering their own branded eggs, but we are encouraging the company to extend that policy to all brands that the store sells.

The McDonald’s campaign in the U.S., which aims to encourage the company to adopt meaningful standards for the chickens in the company’s meat supply chain, garnered more than 40 million media impressions during this month alone.

We held our first cultivation meetings for our “Animal Defenders,” our corporate-outreach-specific volunteer team, in Verona, Italy, and Barcelona, Spain. We now have 50,000+ Animal Defenders worldwide!


United Kingdom

Foie Gras Free GB

Animal Equality UK delivered more than 100,000 signatures on our foie gras petition to the Prime Minister at Number 10 Downing St., the headquarters of the Government of the United Kingdom, where we were joined by actor and animal advocate Peter Egan; actors Thandie Newton and Dev Patel also gave us supportive quotes for this campaign. Celebrity engagement of campaign was covered by Vegan Food and Living, Plant Based News (1), The Media Eye,, 20 Minutes, Film News, Plant Based News (2), and LiveKindly.

Public Outreach & Education

Media Highlights

Igualdad Animal in Spain featured images of caged hens on prominent TV network laSexta, reaching over 1.5 million people throughout Spain.

Previous Animal Equality investigations were featured in The Guardian and The Independent.

Animal Equality attended and presented at numerous events this month, including the 1st Latin American Impact Investment Summit – NEXUS, Food Tech Summit & Expo, Vegan Fiesta Mexicana, Virtual Reality Festival, and Vocational Fair at Tec Milenio University.

Animal Equality Italia’s Executive Director, Matteo Cupi, gave a moving speech at the European Parliament during the launching event for End The Cage Age, the European Citizens’ Initiative to ban the use of cages for all animals throughout Europe. Many people, including members of the European Parliament, attended the event.

Amruta Ubale, Animal Equality’s Executive Director in India, has been nominated for a National Award titled, ‘Nari Puraskar‘ (Woman Power). It is a series of India’s national honors conferred on individual women for their exceptional achievement, given by the Ministry of Women and Child Development in the Government of India.

Sharon Nunez, US Executive Director & President, spoke on a panel at the Reducetarian Summit about international efforts to reduce animal product consumption.

Katharina Weiss, Animal Equality Germany’s Communications Manager, interviewed Richard David Precht, one of Germany’s most prominent philosophers. The interview was featured on our website in September.

Animal Equality Brasil was interviewed on national TV about the cage-free egg campaigns and footage was shown about our investigation in an egg-laying farm last year, reaching over 8 million people across the country.

Katya Ramírez, Animal Equality’s Education Coordinator in Mexico, was interviewed on C7 News about Love Veg, our online program to help people transition to a plant-based lifestyle.


We began our 9th iAnimal Outreach Tour in September! Thus far we’ve visited 8 college and university campuses in the Chicago area, reaching 780 students, many of whom signed our Love Veg pledge to reduce or eliminate animal products from their diet.

We showcased iAnimal at events across the globe this month, including the Hamburg Vegan Street Fair, the Reducetarian Summit, Lush’s flagship Oxford Street store, the UK’s first vegan zero waste market, and Pup Aid in London’s prestigious Primrose Hill.

Various partner organizations and individuals, including Vegan Outreach, shared iAnimal with over 3,700 people worldwide.

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upcoming highlights

Our Inspiring Global Action Gala is less than two weeks away! Tickets are selling fast, so get yours today. We hope to see you there!

Election day is three weeks away. If you live in California, be sure to vote #YesOn12, a historic measure for farmed animals!

Love Veg Spain launches at the end of October!