The Truth About the Milk Industry – VIDEO

Animal Equality has released a report on Italy’s milk industry, revealing controversial practices the sector often tries to hide from consumers.

THE DETAILS: In footage obtained from our investigative work on several farms in Northern Italy, we exposed what actually happens inside dairy farms, compared to what is marketed by the farms’ advertising. What the footage shows is the tragic exploitation of cows, with endless amounts of suffering.


  • Calves taken from mothers a few hours after birth
  • Calves and cows living in cramped, unsanitary conditions, and covered with feces and mud
  • Farmworkers performing preventive practices and care without veterinary supervision, which is illegal
  • Cows with mastitis and very serious wounds, including wounded hooves illegally covered with scotch tape
  • Cows “grazing zero,” which means they do not have access to pastures, as opposed to what is constantly shown in the advertisements of dairy farms

WHAT IT MEANS: All these practices demonstrate one thing: that the image conveyed daily by the dairy industry is not the reality cows live in. This form of extreme exploitation causes cows enormous suffering, specifically by quickly consuming their bodies and leading to premature death within just a few years.

WHAT WE’RE SAYING: “The truth about the milk industry is kept hidden and advertising portrays the incorrect message that these animals enjoy a life that is far different from the daily reality they are forced to endure” explains Matteo Cupi, Executive Director of Animal Equality Italy. “Contrary to what is commonly thought, the disastrous environmental impact of intensive farming is not only caused by cattle raised for meat, but also includes cows used for dairy. It’s for this reason that we are committed to spreading the truth.”

WHAT YOU CAN DO: A recent study by the University of Oxford shows that plant alternatives are much more sustainable than cow’s milk. Share what you’ve learned and the video above with your family and friends, and if you haven’t yet made the switch, visit the link below for tips.