The Trip to Slaughter

After a short life of misery in factory farms animals are sent to slaughter in appalling conditions.

These photos taken by our investigation team show the terror pigs endure during their trip to slaughter.

Often deprived of water and/or food and obliged to travel for several hours animals activists have many times reported how desperate animals are for water.

Over 1 million die each year from the conditions of transport.


Due to the extreme temperatures and the lack of water during the summer some of the pigs die from heat exhaustion. During the winder many of them freeze to death.

The conditions are so terrible that some of the pigs with broken legs fall on the floor of the truck and die suffocated under the rest.

When they arrive at the slaughterhouse and in order to get the animals out of the trucks, in many occasions workers beat and kick them.

And this is what happens at the slaughterhouse.

Please, don’t contribute to this suffering. Leave meat and other animal products out of your diet.