Runaway Cow is Now Safe

A cow that escaped a slaughterhouse was rescued by animal rights activist.

Cows are intelligent creatures that can sense fear and pain. So it’s no surprise that one of them attempted to escape a slaughterhouse.

On Thursday, many New Yorkers were caught off guard when they witnessed a cow running freely in the streets after it escaped from a Queens slaughterhouse.

An employee nearby told the New York Post, “He was very happy. He was like ‘Wow, I’m in the streets running!’ He was running back and forth, but he didn’t do anything to anybody.”

He was enjoying his freedom, which ended up being short-lived after police safely captured the animal and returned him back to the slaughterhouse. He was scheduled to be slaughtered the following day.

Once the news broke, Mike Stura, an animal rights activist, was determined to save the cow. He spent hours waiting at the slaughterhouse until he was finally able to convince the owner to give him the animal. The cow, which he named Freddie, is now on his way to a farm sanctuary in New Jersey – Skylands Animal Sanctuary and Rescue.

After he clears his medical exams from a veterinarian, Freddie will join 18 other cows, goats, sheep, chickens, turkeys, pigs, and other rescued animals. He finally gets the freedom he has been longing for. We hope he lives a long, happy life in his new home!