Largest Slaughterhouse Investigation In History

Investigators managed to set cameras inside 20 slaughterhouses located throughout Austria.

The Austrian animal protection organization Verein Gegen Tierfabriken (VGT) has just launched the largest investigation into slaughterhouses in history. Researchers of this organization managed to introduce hidden cameras inside 20 slaughterhouses located throughout Austria.

On its website the VGT says, “We all know that slaughterhouses are places where animals are killed and their meat is then consumed. It is generally accepted, but what is actually done in a slaughterhouse? That information does not leave anyone indifferent.”

The Austrian organization wanted to make it clear that the images shown were not isolated cases of cruelty, but were common practice in all slaughterhouses on a daily basis. So they set multiple hidden cameras that recorded the daily life inside slaughterhouses across the country. The images show violent beatings, electric shocks, and unnecessary torture.

The VGT declared, “This investigation is not only aimed at the Austrian company, but internationally. It is necessary for people to consider if this cruel slaughter of animals for meat consumption is justifiable.”

The investigators collected hundreds of hours of recordings, some of which are available on their website. Some of these brave investigators had to receive psychological help after witnessing such cruelty for days or even weeks on end.

The VGT has initiated a campaign of complaints of the irregularities found during the investigation, and the news was aired nationally. Like so many other animal protection organizations, VGT recommends that if we want to avoid this terrible violence against innocent animals, the best way to do so is by replacing meat in our diet. Today there is a growing sensitivity to the unnecessary suffering of animals on farms and inside slaughterhouses, and millions of people around the world are opting for delicious, healthy food, free of cruelty.