Four Investigations You Need to Know

Animal Equality has done numerous of groundbreaking investigations around the world to uncover animal cruelty.

Our investigations have shocked the public. The images you’re about to see are disturbing. They are the harsh realities many animals face.

Dog Meat Trade, China

Over 18 million dogs are killed each year for their meat or fur in China. Our investigators captured footage of dogs being abused and killed. They suffered from starvation, extreme temperatures and fear – it greatly effects them physically and psychologically. The death of these dogs was brutal as they were beaten, stabbed, and left to bleed out.

Slaughter of Bluefin Tuna, Italy

Animal Equality witnessed the suffering of these beautiful creatures. Contrary to what many believe, fish feel pain. Hundreds of tuna fish are caught in traps and torn from their natural habitat with giant sharp metal hooks. The fish visibly struggled while suspended in air, causing them severe pain and stress as they were slowly suffocating. It was observed that the fish were repeatedly stabbed with knives which made blood drip from their bodies; it’s gruesome and completely inhumane!

Egg Industry, Mexico

Animal Equality continued its groundbreaking investigations by, for the first time in history, documenting the treatment of hens in Mexico’s egg industry. Hens live in cramped battery cages on filthy factory farms and are denied everything that is natural to them, even the ability to stretch their wings. Animal Equality has documented these horrific conditions to help illustrate how important it is to leave eggs of your plate.

El Escobar Farm, Spain

El Escobar is a farm in Murcia, Spain, that provides meat to El Pozo, one of the largest meat companies in the world. Workers were filmed hitting pigs in the head with iron bars, jumping on them, kicking them, and posing in front of the camera with them. A worker even stabbed an innocent pig with a sword causing her to bleed out.  Animal Equality helped bring the case to trial and in September 2016, the workers involved were sentenced to one year in prison. This was the longest prison sentence for animal cruelty in the history of Spain.