Every Time You Make A Purchase, You Could Be Fighting Animal Abuse

Millions of people around the world are helping animals by consuming products that have not contributed to animal cruelty.

You’re at the supermarket. You arrive at the section of spreads and you see foie gras. A few feet away you have another possibility: hummus. Which do you choose?

You go on shopping and get to the milk section. Among the various brands of cow’s milk, you come across different types of plant-based milks: rice, almond, soy, and several others. Which do you choose?

Next to the meat section, you have your various fruits and vegetables that exude a colorful and healthful glow. Which do you choose?

These are questions that sometimes we don’t ask ourselves, but, what if those moments were the ones where animal abuse can be avoided most?

Because just like you, we like to see animals this way:

And not like this:

Ducks from the foie gras industry.

Wouldn’t you like to see animals this way?

Instead of this way?

Cow from the dairy industry.

The supermarket decisions are huge for farmed animals. As consumers, we are able to send powerful messages to food companies with every single purchase.

There are already millions of people replacing meat in their diets around the world. The companies know this and as a result, there are more and more products being offered for this growing demand.

In addition, supermarkets are full of possibilities; legumes, grains, vegetables, fruits… A world of delicious flavors and textures so healthy and delicious that it is convincing more and more people to make the switch.

Because who doesn’t like to see our animal friends like this?

And because who doesn’t get sad seeing them this way?

Chicken from the meat industry.

Make the choice today to let your purchases speak out for animals.