Cow and Donkey Remain Best Friends in New Home

We love a happy story, especially when it involves two adorable animals who form an unlikely friendship.

Petting zoos, a family attraction, is a place where many animals suffer from unsanitary conditions. Animals are forced to stand in their own filth for long periods of time and do no receive the proper care. That’s where Caesar, a steer, and Yoyo, a donkey lived for five long, gruesome years. They were kept in a small, dirty pen where they dealt with neglect and poor treatment.

That was until November 2015 when Woodstock Farm Sanctuary rescued the two and gave them a chance at a better life.

Now, the two are happier than ever! Caesar is able to walk freely, while Yoyo can run around with no restraint. They are enjoying their freedom, something they didn’t have before. Regardless how much space each of them have, they are often seen together, side by side.

They dealt with hardship together and now they are free. We believe the two will remain close forever.

Images: Woodstock Farm Sanctuary