Animal Equality’s Investigation Reveals the Brutal Slaughter Behind Halal Meat


Coinciding with the celebration of the “Eid al-Adha”, also called the “Feast of the Sacrifice”, Animal Equality exposes the findings of this new investigation within the Halal meat industry in Italy. Animal Equality’s Investigation Team have obtained exclusive images which reveal the Halal way of slaughtering 100 lambs in an Italian-based slaughterhouse. The brutality of the documented footage shows:

  • Terrified animals being beaten repeatedly.
  • Farmers kicking and stomping on the animals to force them into the truck.
  • Animals dying slowly and painfully smothered in their own blood.
  • Operators using a compressor to rip off the sheepskin while still alive.

Graphic footage: Viewer discretion advised

Animal Equality Italy has launched the “Fermiamo La Crudeltà Rituale (“Stop the Ritual Cruelty”) campaign in which they ask the Italian government to put an end to the Halal and Kosher slaughter, as they have already done in countries like Poland and Denmark. The European Union allows, for religious purposes, exceptions in the basic norms for animal slaughter, such as the pre-stunning of animals.

Matteo Cupi, President of Animal Equality Italy, stated “We obviously respect the freedom of belief and this is not an attack on the Islamic community. On the other hand, we believe that religious reasons cannot be an exception for compliance with European animal welfare regulations. Tradition and religion can not be above the suffering of animals.”

In Europe, the debate over this issue has led some states, such as Norway, Sweden, Iceland, and Liechtenstein, to impose severe restrictions on this religious slaughter. In addition, a ban has been implemented in two EU-based states, Poland and Denmark, as well as in some federal states of Austria and Switzerland.