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7 Photos Of Farm Animals Comparing How Their Lives Actually Are To How Their Lives Could Be

Farm animals are beings with unique personalities. Each of them have desires and feelings. We live in a world full of these wonderful creatures. But how would it be if we took into account their feelings?
October 27, 2015

This world is not a good place if you’re an animal in a factory farm. Your whole life is full of terrible moments. Your needs will not be important; the only important thing is how you will benefit us. Yet farm animals are sensitive and affectionate beings. If they are allowed to, they will show us their amazing ways of being.

We want that farm animals no longer be mistreated. We want them to run, enjoy and feel the sun and air while being free. These are the pictures of the world we want for them compared to the world in which they live. There are millions and millions, living in dark and crowded factory farms. Will you consider their feelings?

1. Piglets

A piggy rescued from a factory farm by Animal Equality compared to a poor little pig that did not have his same luck.

2. Piglets (II)

Placidity reflected in a pig compared to the sadness of another in a factory farm.

3. Hens

A terrified hen in a slaughterhouse looks at a bloody wall compared to hens that were rescued by Animal Equality from a factory farm in Germany.

4. Chickens

A small and fragile chick rests in the warmth of a human hand compared to another who died in a factory farm.

5. Chickens (II)

A boy and a chick, both at a very young age. In contrast, a small chick about to fall into a grinder that brutally ends his life. [Right Photography by Jan Van Ijken].

6. Calves

A curious little calf greets a friendly cow at Edgar’s Mission animal sanctuary in Australia, compared to an endless row of calves that were separated from their mothers and caged on a factory farm.

7. Lambs

A gentle lamb rescued by Animal Equality* compared to another being forced into the slaughterhouse.

* Photography by Jo-Anne McArthur for Animal Equality


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