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5 Rescue Stories That Will Warm Your Heart

These sweet animals were lucky enough to change their fate and are now loved and protected in sanctuaries.
September 28, 2015

When we get to know animals that were destined for the food industry, we realize they are not so different from our beloved dogs and cats. They all crave affection, share the same desire to live and to be taken care of by those who love them.

Their lives now are entirely different from their pasts. These animals who were given a second chance are ambassadors with a message: “Please don’t send us to the slaughterhouse!”

These animals live in two animal sanctuaries: Farm Sanctuary and Edgar’s Mission, thank you for giving them shelter and love.

1. Michael, a lucky calf

Michael was born on a dairy farm. In order for cows to produce milk, they are artificially inseminated after each new delivery. Male calves are often sold for meat and are usually sent to slaughter moments after birth.

But Michael was lucky: the farmer saw something in his eyes and knew he couldn’t sell him for meat. Michael ended up in the hands of a kind rescuer who took him to Farm Sanctuary in New York. There, he plays happily and continues to grow while being pampered by everyone.

2. Arabesque, the little one who softened the heart of the butcher.

Arabesque’s fate was written: to die in the slaughterhouse after seeing her mother being slaughtered. However, something happened. The terrified calls of Arabesque caught the attention of the only person that was compassionate enough to help her. The worker took her home and then to Edgar’s Mission, where the little one has managed to forget the trauma of losing her mother thanks to the love and care that the shelter staff has provided.

3. Eleven fortunate chickens who didn’t end up on the grill.

This is a story with a happy ending. The buyer of these sensitive and curious chickens was hired as a farm assistant at Farm Sanctuary in California. Before being hired, his family had bought the chicks to raise them in their garden and eventually eat them, since they were not into consuming chicken from factory farms.

However, fate sometimes surprises us with stories full of hope. As a new Farm Sanctuary worker, he was surprised to see how the animals were living. His heart began to change. Something broke inside of him. He knew he could never kill the chickens that lived in his garden. And not only that, he made the lifesaving decision to adopt a vegetarian lifestyle!

4. Little Miss Sunshine, the story of how the kindness of a few can change everyone’s heart.

This story brings us joy; it’s the story of a small egg-laying hen that turned into every hen’s ambassador. Little Miss Sunshine used to live with other 1,081 hens in an egg-laying hen factory farm. Her fate would’ve been the same as that of all laying hens: be sent to the slaughterhouse when she could no longer lay enough eggs.

But something wonderful happened; the farmer decided that he did not want to make a living at the expense of suffering hens. Maybe, what made him think about it was that he saw them suffering inside small cages, and he decided to call Edgar’s Mission and give them a better life. And who knows, maybe it was Little Miss Sunshine herself that made the farmer’s goodness flourish.

Upon her arrival at Edgar’s Mission, Little Miss Sunshine was having her first sunbath while a seven-year-old girl standing beside the shelter workers said: “look at her, she loves the sun but she had never seen it before, she will be called Little Miss Sunshine!”

5. Polly, the most adorable and mischievous pig ambassador.

Polly is a great ambassador for all animals living at Edgar’s Mission. Actually, she is a great ambassador for all farm animals that are allowed to live. Among her duties as an ambassador, being adorable, smiling and playing with her friends as if there’s no tomorrow are a must.

We also need to mention that she is famous for her antics. Just like a big superstar, she has a diva attitude. Among her wanderings in the shelter, some of her tasks are eating the GPS (newly purchased) and taking the spotlight from Edgar’s Mission personnel every time there are TV cameras around.

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