British Pig Farms

Between January and May 2016, two Animal Equality investigators filmed inside three typical but randomly chosen pig farms in England, Bournce, Crockway, and Sand House. They uncovered shocking conditions at each, including one owned by the British Pig Executive (BPEX) Chair who recently received a Queen’s honor for her work.

When we investigated the Bourne Dorset farm in 2016, we found pigs living in crowded, filthy pens with floors caked in feces and liquid feed. A dead pig was left in the aisle of a fattening unit overnight, risking spread of disease. In Sand House, we found pigs forced to live knee-deep in slurry at this farm in Lincolnshire, which is owned and operated by an industry leader who was awarded an MBE for ‘improvement to pig welfare’. Our investigators also filmed sows with large sores and multiple dead and dying piglets. Routine tail docking was taking place, with amputated tails left littering the aisles. In Crockway, despite the company being named Pig Farmer of the Year 2015, on our visit just a year later we also documented pigs with major wounds, several dying piglets and a dead pig being cannibalised by pen mates.