Awarded British Pig Farms

The shocking scenes we documented on this Lincolnshire farm included young pigs being kept in barren pens barely bigger than a bath tub and a decomposing dead piglet left in a pen with its mother. Pigs had been routinely tail-docked, a practice prohibited by UK law.

Our investigators visited Poplar Farm in the East Riding of Yorkshire, a Morrisons supermarket supplier, in 2017. They found multiple pigs with open, bleeding wounds and heavy scarring. Two dead pigs were also left out in the farm yard overnight, an imprisonable violation of legislation governing disposal of dead stock.

On Hall Farm in Norfolk we recorded female pigs confined in tiny cages, known as sow stalls, for at least five continuous days. This has been banned in the UK since 1999. The footage of bar biting and aggression we captured demonstrates pigs were extremely distressed in these cages. Further suffering found here included a pig with a major abscess and another with an infected leg wound.

Despite winning a ‘National Pig Award’ in 2016 and 2017, when we visited Cross Farm in Devon in 2017 we found animals suffering in extremely poor conditions. Pigs were living in leaking, dilapidated buildings covered in slurry and were forced to lie in their own waste. Pregnant pigs were being kept in barren, concrete pens without any enrichment.