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Cruel chicken production of India

Animal Equality’s new investigation exposes abuse and suffering inflicted on chickens for meat
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New investigation brings to light the cruel practices adopted by the chicken farms in India

Animal Equality, an animal protection organization based in Pune, India, investigated several chicken farms and meat markets across India. The investigation covers the entire cruel cycle that birds are put through, right from the day they’re born till they end up on our plates.

Animal Equality has also conducted investigations into industrial egg farms across India, documenting the abuse and terrible conditions endured by hens. The findings of both these investigations along with a list of recommendations have been presented to the Government of India. Most of these recommendations have been included in the government’s proposed rules for the welfare of chickens. However some of our recommendations like banning of cages for hens and introducing in ovo sex determination technology to avoid the deaths of male chicks, are not introduced.

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