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Pokeworks is a Hawaiian-inspired fast casual brand founded in 2015. They claim to use the "freshest, highest quality ingredients," but this doesn't seem to apply to eggs they serve.

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There are over 100 Wok to Walk restaurants around the world. They say their commitment and passion haven’t changed a bit since day one by staying true to their origins. But we think it's time for Wok to Walk to get rid of outdated and cruel animal welfare practices.

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Marugame Udon provides udon bowls, tempura, and beverages from a theater kitchen, allowing guests to watch as their food is prepared. But it's highly unlikely they would let customers see what's really happening inside their egg supply chain.

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Toridoll Holdings Corporation still does not have a commitment to ban cages for hens in their egg supply chain.

Our investigations have shown the cruelty in which these intelligent and sensitive animals live when confined to barren metal cages. A commitment from Toridoll to eliminate cages for hens would have a great impact in reducing their suffering.

Cages in egg production are cruel and unnecessary, and companies around the world have already made the switch to cage-free. International restaurant chains such as Panda Express, Burger King, and KFC have already pledged to not buy or use eggs that come from caged hens.

Despite consumers' increase in concern for animals and the many restaurant chains who have adopted policies to ban cages, Toridoll continues to refuse to eliminate cages from their supply chain, falling behind their competitors and failing the animals at the same time.

That is why we are asking for your help to ask Toridoll Holdings Corporation to publicly commit to eliminating the use of eggs from caged hens for all of their restaurant locations worldwide.

With Toridoll’s goal of becoming one of the world's top ten restaurant brands with 6,000 locations by 2025, a commitment from them would improve the lives of countless hens each year!

67% of hens used for eggs are in Asia, and only 5% are free from cages. Asia is also the 8th largest egg producer in the world, so a commitment from Toridoll would make a significant impact in Japan and across the globe.  Dane Charbeneau, Campaigns Manager, Animal Equality

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These Restaurants Have Already Committed to Ban Cages for Hens Globally

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